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District Conference
October 11, 2014
Signal Mountain

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District 12-O Leads MD-12 in Membership Gains for 1st Four Months of the Year

17 clubs have added 88 new members and 19 clubs had drops of 48, making for a net gain of 40!

Top Club with Gains
Fairfield Glade - 6
Sale Creek - 5
Signal Mountain - 8
Tellico Plains - 6

Read more about the Lions membership growth in the District Newsletter.

Veterans as Lions!

Coming your way is a brochure about veterans as Lions. New this year - veterans can join without paying the $25 initiation fee.
Copies of the brochure are being sent to each club.

See the full results in the Membership Contest Totals.

Keep up the great work!

Read more about the great things Lions have done in District 12-O this past year and the great things to come in the District Newsletter.

Lions Fact:
So far this fiscal year 205 teams have graduated from Leader Dog School, 4 deaf/blind teams, 51 completed the Advanced Mobility Program and 18 participants attended the Leader Dog Summer Experience in Rochester Hills in Michigan. There are 27 working teams in MD 12 District. District 12-0 is the second largest group with 7 teams.